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This general information is provided to the public to understand their rights and the issues that arise during a police stop of their vehicle and any searches therein.

Everyone who operates a motor vehicle on the roadways should be aware of their rights regarding any police officer stopping your car and then performing a search therein.

Under the law, police must have reasonable suspicion to stop a vehicle. In other words, the circumstances surrounding the stop must support a justifiable suspicion that the person stopped was involved in criminal activity or committed a minor traffic violation. When officers perform traffic stops predicated on facts that neither constitute a violation of the law, nor constitute reasonable grounds to suspect the driver committed any offense, they run afoul of the constitutional Fourth Amendment.

Far too often, our firm has seen many cases where the police have had no reasonable suspicion to stop our clients’ vehicles. As a result, after filing motions to suppress and arguing the illegal stop in evidentiary hearings before many courts, we have been successful in having the cases completely dismissed. Always consider the reason of why the police stopped your vehicle and discuss this issue with attorneys to evaluate whether the stop was illegal and improper.

Secondly, a warrantless search of your vehicle after the police stop may be illegal. The police may claim that a search of your vehicle was necessary without a search warrant because of the issues involving immediate loss of evidence or officer safety were present. However, if these concerns are not present, your consent and/or a search warrant is required search your vehicle.

Keep in mind, following a police stop, when the scene is secured and the arrestee is handcuffed, placed into the back seat of a police car, the warrantless search of the arrestee’s car cannot be justified as necessary to protect the police or prevent the destruction of any evidence.

Some searches are allowed such as a search incident to an arrest of a vehicle of the area within an arrestee’s “immediate control.” This immediate control means the passenger’s compartment of the vehicle and also containers within this passenger compartment. Other searches, such as an inventory search may be upheld depending on the circumstances and other issues may arise as to whether the arrestee was a “recent occupant” of the vehicle.

In short, police stops of your car and any subsequent searches thereto may be complex and require thorough legal analysis and research by qualified criminal attorneys.

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Personal Injury Accident Attorneys - Yamaha Rhino RolloversYamaha Rhino off-road vehicles have an unreasonable risk of rollover accidents, resulting in serious injuries and deaths.

These rollovers have caused severe crushing injuries to lower extremities as well as traumatic head injuries. These abrupt rollovers can happen even on flat, open areas.

Yamaha recently sent out a warningto Rhino users alerting them of the rollover and crushing injuries and offering Yamaha doors and a handhold/strap available for free installation.

Although Yamaha recommends these features to help keep occupants from sticking their arms and legs out of the vehicle during a rollover, many owners are unaware of these free upgrades.

More importantly, we believe that these upgrades are sufficient to protect Yamaha owners and users. The upgrades are not designed to prevent rollovers even on flat, open areas. Rather the upgrades are designed only to reduce the risk of serious injury in certain instances.

We believe that the warning and offer of providing doors and hand hold straps are not sufficient to protect owners and users of Rhinos, and injuries will continue to occur at an alarming rate.

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