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You've heard it said many, many times to be careful what you post. The big emphasis on posting previous

 ly has been from a security aspect, how to keep your information safe from identity thieves, how to avoid cyber stalking and cyber crime and so forth.

Now, in addition to prospective employers looking at your Facebook and other social media pages to discover what kind of person you are and if they want to employ you, your posts can be used as evidence against you by attorneys when you are filing for a divorce, injured in an accident or have been charged with a criminal offense.

Words and photos have an entire life of their own. Be very careful what you post as you move through transitions in life.

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Java & Justice Personal Injury Attorney Offer Free ConsultationThe Java & Justice Meet-Up Group is about people helping people, legally! Finally, one place you can go to and meet attorneys face-to-face to get answers and legal direction for anything from how to incorporate a business to what to do if you are arrested for a crime, or have been seriously injured in an accident.

Who should attend? Everyone who drives a car, owns a business, has children of driving/drinking age, your mother, your next door neighbor, doctors (all kinds), physical therapists … literally anyone interested in or affected by personal injury law, criminal defense law, business and healthcare law.

If you have questions from a different area of law, we can provide you with qualified referrals.

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